This One Truth Will Help You Make Better Decisions

Several weeks ago while I was traveling, I went to a coffee shop to get some reading done. Once I got seated, a book on the shelf caught my eye. I wondered over and picked it up. Turns out, it was The Cross And The Switchblade by David Wilkerson.

I sat there and read almost the entire book. Nestled between the pages of this book was one of the most incredible stories I had ever heard.

While David Wilkerson was having less than impressive revival services in downtown New York for gang members, he asked one of the notorious leaders to take up the offering. Everyone laughed knowing good and well that the gang leader would take the money and run. But something happened.

Right before he was going to leave with the money, he realized that for the first time in his life someone trusted him. And that trust empowered him the young gang leader to not steal the offering. And to listen to the message. And to give his life to Jesus.

His name is Nicky Cruz, and he’s now an international evangelist.

That story of trust made me evaluate my own life.

By nature, I don’t like to be controlled. And I realized that when rules are given to me, I can easily break them, but when trust is given to me, I can’t betray it.

There in the coffee shop, I felt God say to me, “I trust you.

From that moment I felt empowered. Anytime I’ve had to make a hard decision, “I trust you” comes to mind. 

Anytime I face temptation, “I trust you” comes to mind. 

Anytime I’m handed responsibility, “I trust you” come to mind.

Consequently, I’ve never felt more empowered to make good decisions and protect the heart of God. I think this is what relationship is all about.

I want to encourage you today. Whatever hard decisions or situations you’re faced with God trusts you, and so do I.