Open Book

One of the biggest action steps of our faith is sharing it with others. God has revealed Himself to us that we might live as an example for others who He longs to bring into His family. In this three-week series, we explore what it looks like for students to truly know that Jesus is the reason for the hope that is within them and evangelize their world. As they head back to school this fall, this series will equip them to live out their faith boldly, knowing that God has called them to show His love to the people in their worlds.

Open Book is a 3 week series.

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This sermon series includesπŸ‘‡

βœ… Sermon Series Graphics (JPG/PSD)
βœ… Sermon Builder Curriculum (PDF)
βœ… Small Group Materials (PDF)
βœ… Social Media Graphics (Story/Feed)
βœ… Sermon Bumper Video (MP4-Below)