How To Talk To Your Youth Group About Gender From A Biblical Perspective

”How do I talk to my students about gender from a biblical perspective?”

This is a question so many youth pastors are asking right now — and it’s a great question to ask!

Do you feel equipped to talk about gender with your students?

It’s a prevalent topic in our culture right now, especially this month. This is exactly why it’s important you, as a youth pastor, find your voice in this area. Your students need to know what God’s Word says about the things they are encountering all the time.

We get it — topics like this can feel challenging to tackle. That’s why we’re here to help.

Our new series on sexuality, “Don’t Say” tackles some of the most prevalent topics in culture right now — gender, purity, pornography, and homosexuality — from a biblical perspective.

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One of the most relevant yet uncomfortable conversations that your students are having is around sex and sexuality. Sometimes these topics become so taboo that the church doesn’t speak about them. Scripture, however, has a lot to say about sexuality. In this four-week series, we’ll address the topic of sexuality that your students are facing in their culture.

Our Youth Pastor Co sermon series library has more than 100 sermon series on a comprehensive list of topics. We’re here to make sure you’re equipped to walk your students through the biblical worldview of virtually any topic in culture or in Scripture.

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