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A sermon series graphic for "Bullies In My Brain," a youth ministry sermon series on mental health.

3 Effective Strategies to Kickstart a Strong School Year 💪

By Growth

As a youth pastor, it can feel impossible to find the right back-to-school resources for youth ministry. The beginning of the school year can feel overwhelming as you transition from the summer youth group activities back to full-throttle teaching mode. However, embracing the right strategies can transform this transition into a foundation for the upcoming months as your students get back into the rhythms of school. In this article, we’ll delve into three essential approaches to empower both you and your students for a strong and productive school year.


Three effective strategies to kickstart a strong school year in youth ministry 👇


  1. Foster Discipleship by Getting Your Students Reading the Bible

First, one of the best things you could do for the students in your youth group is to get them in God’s Word themselves. As an educator or youth leader, your pivotal role is to guide and nurture young minds. Beyond organizing weekly gatherings and fun activities, your ultimate purpose is to guide them in their relationship with Jesus. This season’s outset is the perfect juncture to establish a structured discipleship plan. Start by encouraging students to participate in a Bible reading plan available on the YouVersion app. Make their engagement rewarding by introducing incentives for consistent scripture exploration.


  1. Streamline Your Systems

Next, it’s time for a systems overhaul. Juggling various responsibilities as a youth pastor can be demanding. From mentoring students and orchestrating events to handling personal commitments, it’s easy to become overwhelmed without efficient systems in place. Now, at the commencement of the school year, take the opportunity to recalibrate your workflow. Reflect on your current strategies: What’s effective? What needs improvement? Identify tasks that can be delegated, and create a plan to reallocate your time. Set clear goals and map out the daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly actions necessary to achieve them.


  1. Choose the Right Curriculum

Lastly, selecting the right curriculum is paramount to effectively shaping your students’ spiritual growth. Your teachings should resonate with their everyday challenges and offer guidance rooted in God’s Word. That’s why, at Youth Pastor Co, we prioritize offering impactful sermon series packages that address contemporary issues in a relatable manner. For instance, our latest series, “Bullies In My Brain,” addresses mental health, a critical concern among students returning to school. Equip your students to conquer anxiety and embrace their divine purpose with this comprehensive four-week series. Check it out 👇


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So, we hope these three strategies and back-to-school resources for youth ministry equip you to head back to school with your students stronger than ever before! 

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3 Ways to Start the Year Fresh in Youth Ministry

By Featured
The new year is here and so is your chance for a fresh start in youth ministry.
As far as your youth ministry goes, this year will be what you make it. Want to make it better than ever before? It’s going to require some intentional decisions.

Here are 3 things you can do to start fresh for a new year in youth ministry 👇


1. Pray and fast.

This might be low-hanging fruit, but it is the surest way to start fresh in 2023. Prayer and fasting takes our focus off our own ability to provide and focuses on God as the One who meets our needs. If it was a good idea for Jesus to fast and pray before he started his public ministry, it’s probably a good idea for you before you jump back into ministry this year.


2. Surround yourself with the right people.

This is the year we stop doing ministry alone. We all need people and we were created for community. Don’t have friends around you in ministry? We want to come alongside you. Shoot us an email today and ask us about our coaching group.


3. Get your curriculum right.

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