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3 Perfect Back-to-School Sermon Series ✏️

By Growth

Are you looking for the perfect back-to-school sermon series? With your students headed back to school next month, they’re set to encounter new people, new challenges, and new opportunities.

As you prepare what you’re going to preach going into the new school year, we thought we’d compile 3 of our favorite series to preach at the start of school.

Here are the three best sermon series you could preach at the start of the school year 👇


1️⃣ Climb the Mountain

A sermon series on seeking God.

The start of school is the perfect time to talk about seeking God. When we seek God, we not only find Him, we find ourselves. Over and over again in Scripture, God encourages His people to seek Him. In this four-week series based in Psalm 24, we unpack what it means to truly seek the face of God, and what we will find when we decide to go after Him with all of our hearts.


2️⃣ W Friends

A sermon series on friendship.

When students head back to school and are surrounded by so many new people, preaching on godly friendships is a great approach. What is a true friend, or as the young people say, a “W” friend? The right kind of friends are special to the soul. Scripture has a lot to say about the kind of people we call friends. In this four-week series, we examine the qualities of biblical friendship and how we can choose the right people and be the right people!


3️⃣ Open Book

A series on evangelism.

August is the perfect time to talk about evangelism with your students. It’s a time when they can take the passion for God they cultivated over the summer into the halls of their schools. One of the biggest action steps of our faith is sharing it with others. God has revealed Himself to us so that we might live as an example for others who He longs to bring into His family. In this three-week series, we explore what it looks like for students to truly know that Jesus is the reason for the hope that is within them and evangelize their world. As they head back to school this fall, this series will equip them to live out their faith boldly, knowing that God has called them to show His love to the people in their worlds.


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We hope these suggestions help as you nail down your back-to-school sermon series!

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