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The 3 Best Youth Ministry Sermon Series on Friendship 🀝

By Growth

As your students start a new school year, surrounded by new opportunities and new people, the fall is the perfect time to preach on friendships.

Looking for the perfect sermon series on friendship? We’ve got you covered 🀝

Here are our favorite three youth ministry sermon series on friendshipπŸ‘‡

1️⃣ Best Friends

Everyone has a best friend β€” that one person who is like family. They raid your fridge, wear your clothes, share plenty of weird inside jokes, and are incredibly important in your life. More than just comfort and jokes, being a best friend takes intentional work and selfless love. This four-week series unpacks what Scripture has to say on the topic of friendship from the friends we choose and how we love and serve them to how we cultivate a friendship with Jesus. This series will challenge your students to grow in their understanding of true God-honoring friendships.


2️⃣ W Friends

What is a true friend, or as the young people say, a β€œW” friend? The right kind of friends are special to the soul. Scripture has a lot to say about the kind of people we call friends. In this four-week series, we examine the qualities of biblical friendship and how we can choose the right people and be the right people!


3️⃣ Thick As Thieves

As human beings created in the image of God, we were never meant to do life alone. We were created for community and relationships. This three-week series dives into three types of relationships God has for our lives β€” relationships with people who pour into us, relationships with people who walk right by our side, and relationships with people who we pour into.Β 


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We hope these youth ministry sermon series on friendship equip you to disciple your students on a deeper level!

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