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sermon series cost

How much does it cost to create a sermon series? 🤔

By Growth

What is the true cost of a sermon series?

If you’ve been in ministry for any amount of time, you know that creating sermon series is costly. Creating great sermon series costs you time. The ideation takes time. Communication with graphic designers and video professionals takes time. Curriculum and small group material writing takes time. 

Creating great sermon series is also costly financially.

How costly? Let’s break it down.

When creating a sermon series, your church pays for…

😩 graphic design

😩 social media assets

😩 custom bumper videos

…and that’s not to mention the time and effort spent on sermon and small group prep.

If you do it on your own, the cost of producing one sermon series is on average more than $500.

At this evaluation, a year’s worth of sermon series would cost your church more than $6,000 😱

Meanwhile, a yearly subscription to Youth Pastor Co is $397…and it comes with access to a library of more than 100 sermon series for your youth group.

We think that’s a pretty exceptional savings 😎

Your students deserve the best. Each month we bring together the most creative minds in youth ministry to build sermon series packages that are powerful, relevant, and easy to use.

And our sermon series graphics? Top of the line 🤌 Check out some of our recent favorites!

And it doesn’t stop at awesome graphics. The sermon series bumper videos are awesome as well.

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