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2 sermon series perfect to preach in August 🔥

By Growth

If you’ve found yourself asking “What should I preach in August?” you’ve come to the right place.

August is a crazy time for your students — it’s a season of transition as they’re headed back to school and getting back into a routine.

It’s also a new opportunity for them to bring their faith with them into the new school year.

That’s why August is the perfect time to equip your students for evangelism. They need tools to take the passion for God they found over the summer into their classrooms each day.

With that in mind, we gathered two person sermon series for August.

Here are two of our favorite series on evangelism, perfect for you to preach in August 👇


1️⃣ Open Book

A sermon series on evangelism.

One of the biggest action steps of our faith is sharing it with others. God has revealed Himself to us that we might live as an example for others who He longs to bring into His family. In this three-week series, we explore what it looks like for students to truly know that Jesus is the reason for the hope that is within them and evangelize their world. As they head back to school this fall, this series will equip them to live out their faith boldly, knowing that God has called them to show His love to the people in their worlds.


2️⃣ Prepare The Way

A sermon series on repentance.

John the Baptist had an important role to play in the Gospel story — He prepared the way for God to move. His message of repentance was just as radical in his day as it is in ours, and today it’s just as necessary. This 4-week series explores John’s message of repentance, how it prepared the way for God to move in his time, and how this same message is still preparing the way for God to move in our own lives.


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Each sermon series includes 👇

✅ Sermon Series Graphics

✅ Sermon Builder Curriculum

✅ Sermon Bumper Video

✅ Small Group Materials

✅ Social Media Graphics

Our Youth Pastor Co sermon series library has more than 100 sermon series on a comprehensive list of topics. We’re here to make sure you’re equipped to walk your students through the biblical worldview of virtually any topic in culture or in Scripture.


We hope these help as you nail down your sermon series for August!

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