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Why youth pastors can’t change culture 😬

By Growth

Youth Pastors can’t change culture.

Actually, no one can.

That’s because culture isn’t changed — it’s created.

Do you want your students to live in a culture of heaven here on earth?

Then you have to create that culture.

Do you want your students to live in a culture of healthy relationships?

Then you have to create that culture.

Do you want your students to live sold out lives to Jesus Christ?

Then you have to create that culture.

Think about it — every major shift in culture has happened as a result of new culture being created, not the existing culture changing. The industrial revolution. The automobile. The internet. All impacted culture by creating new culture. They offered a better way.

Jesus does the same for us. He offers a better way.

And you create a culture for your students when you show them Jesus’s better way.

It’s no small task. In fact, it’s huge.

That’s where we come in to help. At Youth Pastor Co, we create sermon series that shape the next generation. Every single series points to Jesus’s way. It’s the only way we’re ever going to see culture impacted for the better — for the Kingdom.

And it starts with your students.


This is a large mandate. We’re here to help.

If you’re not yet part of the Youth Pastor Co community, now’s the time to get involved. Gain access to our diverse sermon series library and empower your teaching with impactful resources that resonate with students in today’s world. Elevate your ministry with tools designed to foster spiritual growth and understanding.

P.S. Each month, Youth Pastor Co brings together the most creative minds in youth ministry to build sermon series packages that are powerful, relevant, and easy to use. Become a member today and gain access to our ever-growing library of sermon series. On a budget? Ask about our small church discount!

The one thing every great leader has in common… a good coach.

By Growth

“Where can I find good coaching for youth pastors?”

If you’re a youth pastor who wants to grow, you’re asking the right question.

Youth Pastors are leaders, and if you’re a leader, the chances are you want to be a good one. Maybe you even want to be a great one.

But there is one thing every great leader has in common:

A great coach.

Do you have a great coach? This is someone who sees the vision, knows what it takes to get there, and keeps you accountable along the way.

When you’re in youth ministry, you’re a leader in the lives of many. You play a pivotal role in the lives of your students. It’s imperative you have the right coach speaking into your life.

That’s why we offer monthly coaching for youth pastors and leaders here at Youth Pastor Co.

We’re passionate about seeing you go further, and reach more students with the gospel than ever before, but we know you can’t go it alone. That’s why we put so much time and energy into coaching for youth pastors.

It’s not for everyone, we know that. But maybe it’s for you.

What’s a typical coaching session like?

  • An hour long, once a month.
  • 30 minutes of in-depth teaching.
  • 30 minutes of Q&A.
  • Each session includes a PDF of the coach’s notes and video playback in case you can’t attend.

And there’s no better time to sign up than now. We host a coaching call on the first Thursday of every month.


What do you get with our coaching group?

✅ Access to an exclusive group of youth pastors from across America. 

✅ On-demand video playback of each coaching call.

✅ Downloadable pdf coaching notes.

✅ Individual coaching sessions available upon request.

✅ A private community to bounce ideas off of and collaborate with.

✅ A curated coaching rotation featuring the best leaders and brightest minds in the church today.

This coaching group for youth pastors isn’t for leader who’s only looking to get by or make friends. This is for the youth pastor who’s serious about growing as a leader, reaching lost students, and making a difference in their community.

The Power to Succeed

By Leadership, Spiritual

It was a Wednesday afternoon, and I was frustrated. We had been at worship band practice for two hours and had made no progress. Tension was high, and unity was low.

Finally, as a last resort, I said, “Guys, can we just pray about this? Practice is going nowhere.”

So all seven of us laid down our instruments, put on a worship song, and prayed that God would help us. And a switch was flipped. We played the next song with unusual accuracy and anointing. Afterward, we just stared at each other awkwardly smiling. We knew God had shown up.

I learned a valuable lesson that day — God gives you the power to be successful.

Although it was a new revelation for me, it had been God’s character since the beginning. In Deuteronomy 8:18 God tells the the children of Israel, “Remember the Lord your God. He is the one who gives you power to be successful…”

After living in bondage for 400 years, God was about to take the children of Israel into a new season of blessing. He had given them promises of land, natural resources, riches, and victory over the enemy — followed by a warning.

Don’t forget who made you successful.

And as history tells us, anytime God’s people forgot about Him they soon remembered the effects of difficulty and failure. The same is true for us.

God loves to bless you. But we must realize that His blessings come as a byproduct of a healthy relationship. We don’t worship God to receive a blessing, we worship God and become blessed.

Now would be a good time to mention that God knows the intentions of our hearts. He can’t be “used” as a tool for blessings. That’s not what this is about. It’s about inviting God into every area of our life.

When you invite God into specific situations in your life, your allowing divine power, authority, and insight to guide and assist you. Who couldn’t use God’s help?

This isn’t a highly spiritually activity either. It looks like a simple prayer and acknowledgment of need.

“God, would you help me focus on my studies today and retain the information I need to pass this test?”

“God without you I’m not very kind to people, would you give me the grace I need to treat people with love today?”

“God I don’t have what it takes to lead small group tonight. Would you give me a word of encouragement for those you have trusted me with?”

“God I don’t know how to navigate this business deal. Would you give me the wisdom to make a decision that is best for my business and family?

“God you gave me this sex drive. Help please.”

It’s almost supernatural the way we begin navigating once hard situations with grace when God’s hand is on our life. But He needs an invitation.

The power to succeed is only found in God.

How would things change if you invited God into that situation in your life that has been stressing you out? What would it be like to have the power of God on your side?

I want to encourage you to press into God. Take time today (and every day) to invite God into specific situations into your life and watch as He gives you the power to succeed.

– Daniel Maddry