Are We There Yet?

Waiting can be hard. Whether we’re waiting on a person, a circumstance, or waiting on God, waiting seasons come with a particular set of challenges β€” but God is working even while we wait. This four-week series dives into four different waiting seasons in Scripture. Through the stories of Abraham, Hannah, the parable of the servants, and the prodigal son, we see how God’s plan plays out specifically in seasons of waiting, and how we can honor and obey Him along the way.

Are We There Yet? is a 4 week series.

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This sermon series includes πŸ‘‡

βœ… Sermon Series Graphics (JPG/PSD)
βœ… Sermon Builder Curriculum (PDF)
βœ… Small Group Materials (PDF)
βœ… Social Media Graphics (Story/Feed)
βœ… Sermon Bumper Video (MP4-Below)