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3 Student Ministry Summer Sermon Series 😎

By Growth, Preaching

Trying to nail down what you’re going to preach to your youth group in June? Getting your student ministry summer sermon series right is crucial — it sets the tone for you summer.

We’re here to help you get your summer off on the right foot.

These are three of our favorite student ministry summer sermon series that are perfect for you to preach in June ☀️


Sermon Series #1️⃣  — Don’t Say

A series on sexuality.

One of the most relevant yet uncomfortable conversations that your students are having is around sex and sexuality. Sometimes these topics become so taboo that the church doesn’t speak about them. Scripture, however, has a lot to say about sexuality. In this four-week series, we’ll address the topic of sexuality that your students are facing in their culture.


Sermon Series #2️⃣ —  Are We There Yet?

A series on waiting.

Waiting can be hard. Whether we’re waiting on a person, a circumstance, or waiting on God, waiting seasons come with a particular set of challenges — but God is working even while we wait. This four-week series dives into four different waiting seasons in Scripture. Through the stories of Abraham, Hannah, the parable of the servants, and the prodigal son, we see how God’s plan plays out specifically in seasons of waiting, and how we can honor and obey Him along the way.


Sermon Series #3️⃣ —  Excuse Me

A series on divine interruptions.

We’ve all had interruptions that have caused us to say: “Excuse me?” Sometimes these interruptions are divine! God interrupts our lives in ways that can often confuse us, but He ultimately leads us to our healing and growth. In this four-week series, we’ll look at four biblical examples of divine interruption and what God’s purpose is for us today when He interrupts our lives!


Our Youth Pastor Co sermon series library has more than 100 sermon series on a comprehensive list of topics. We’re here to make sure you’re equipped to walk your students through the biblical worldview of virtually any topic in culture or in Scripture.

Each month, Youth Pastor Co brings together the most creative minds in youth ministry to build sermon series packages that are powerful, relevant, and easy to use.

Every new series includes:
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P.S. Looking for more student ministry sermon series that could you work for your youth group? Check out our sermon series library.

Introducing Our Sermon Builder Curriculum

By Preaching, Program

Let’s be real, writing a message can be very time consuming.

That’s why we got together some of the sharpest minds in youth ministry to produce curriculum that does the legwork for you!

Our sermon builder curriculum includes five blocks of messaging* that starts by capturing attention and ends with a call to action (including small group materials). We take a methodical approach to communicating God’s word to ensure that your students are growing in their relationship with Christ.

The Sermon Builder Curriculum was created as a bridge between traditional curriculum (with little flexibility) and writing your own message (with not enough direction). While you can certainly preach through our curriculum as is, we encourage you to use it as inspiration or a starting point for the message that God wants to speak through you to your students.

Below is the progression we use with the Sermon Builder Curriculum:

  • Capture — Grab their attention with a story or illustration.
    • Story / Illustration
  • Connect — Connect them to God’s word.
    • Main Text
  • Consider — What does this mean for us today?
    • Subpoints / Bottomline
  • Collide — How do we apply this to our lives?
    • Application
  • Call to Action — How do we respond to the message?
    • Altar call / Small group questions

We hope this tool helps guide you along as you teach God’s word to the next generation.

Get started today!

*The five blocks of messaging was adopted from